Junior School

At the Junior School, we are committed to laying deep and strong foundations. What our students learn at this stage shapes the rest of their years of study and growth.

We are a community that celebrates the creativity of the human mind and hope that children leaving our gates make their own unique footprints in the world- footprints that speak of goodness, honesty, kindness, empathy, and hard work.

Committed to providing a foundation to the students that is based on independent thinking, we want them to think things through for themselves and always possess a point of view.

Guided by the firm belief that nature and nurture come together to open gateways to the beautiful world of learning, we endeavour to provide them with an environment that supports this very idea.

KG 1 & 2

Housed in three different buildings, the Junior School comprises of Grades 2 & 3 in Building A. KG1, KG2 & KG3 in Building B and Grade 1 in Building C.

We boost children’s learning in our KG 1 and KG 2 classrooms through an innovative program that is a fusion between select exercises from the Montessori area of learning and the traditional system adopted from EYFS (Early Years Foundational Stages) of the British Curriculum.

The physical structure of the classrooms is distinctive in its own way, with windows looking into the other classroom, ensuring learning takes place whether the child is working within its boundaries or looking into the other learning space.

KG 3

Key Stage 1 of the British Curriculum is used as a guide to plan the syllabus of KG 3. Books and learning material abundantly aim at the development of skills; preparing children to meet requirements for the next grade. Subjects taught are English, Math, Culture ( Social Studies, Science, General Knowledge), Second language, Quran, IT and Physical Education.

Contact Info:

Junior School Office : 012-6199182 Ext: 101
Mobile: 0541635562, 0549662334

Junior School Timings

KG1 & KG2 – 8.00am – 12 noon
KG3 to Grade 3 – 7.15am – 1.40pm