How to Apply

Registration process at Al Waha

Students are granted admission solely on the merit of their performance on placement tests which are held at the beginning and end of each academic year. Applicants for KG1 and KG2 are enrolled without placement tests, on a first come-first serve basis.

Please be notified that there will no discount on the fee for Term 2 of academic year 2020-21. Sibling discount will continue at 10%.
Grades KG3 to 9


Please register for placement exams to be held on 27th August 2020 at 9 am.

KG 3 to Grade 9

Placement Exams

Grades KG3 to Grade 3 (Boys and Girls), Grade 4 onwards (Girls only)
(Al Waha International School Girl’s Section).
Google Maps Location: Venue JS and GS!

Grade 4 onwards (Boys only)
(Al Waha International School Boy’s Section).
Google Maps Location: Venue BS!

Registration Fee
Fee towards registration for placement exam: SAR 100
**Please note that this fee is exclusively towards the placement exam to determine the eligibility of the child for a particular class. Payment of this fee does not guarantee admission to the school.

Please note:
1. Entry will be restricted to only females in the girls'/ junior campus and similarly to males in the boys' section.
2. Please carry a print of the registration form with the reference number.
3. Once the admission fee is paid, parents need to wait for their wards outside the school campus. Parents will not be permitted inside the campus after registration of the ward. Please refer to the schedule for the time slots during which the candidate is required to be on campus.
4. Please adhere to the timings as mentioned in the schedule.
5. Entry inside the campus is prohibited without a face mask. Wearing of masks is mandatory at all times (inclusive of the duration of the exam).
6. Candidates are requested to carry their own water bottles.

Declaration of results
Results will be declared by the week following the placement exams. Only the selected candidates will receive a notification via SMS.


We are pleased to announce the commencement of admissions. Please refer to the following instructions carefully to proceed with admission for your ward.

Grades KG1 & KG2

(First preference will be given to those registered. Walk Ins will be allowed based on availability of seats after admitting the registered parents)

Grade KG3 onwards

KG3 Onwards Walk Ins are strictly not permitted : Only those parents who have been notified of the selection of their ward after clearing the placement test, are requested to come.
Location for admission for all grades (boys/ girls) : Al Waha International School Girls / Junior Section
Google Maps Location : Venue GS/JS!

List of documents to be submitted at the time of admission

1. Copy of student's birth certificate

2. Two passport sized photographs of the student

3. Copy of student's immunization card

4. Copyof student's valid Iqama

6. Copy of student's valid passport

7. Copyof parent's valid Iqama

8. Copy of parent's valid passport

9. Print from Absher for the student

10. Original Transfer certificate of the last school attended by the student (Only for Grade 1 and above).

11. Original Progress Reports for all previous years

12. Location Map of your residence

13. Original medical certificate of fitness.

**Students who are moving from schools outside Saudi Arabia : The Transfer Certificate and Progress Reports should be attested by the previous school, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Saudi Embassy of the country of domicile.
**Students who are moving from schools outside Jeddah but in Saudi Arabia : The Transfer Certificate and Progress Reports should be attested by the previous school and the Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia
**Students who are moving from schools within Jeddah : The Transfer Certificate and Progress Reports should be attested by the school


1.Please download, print and sign the fee agreement. Please bring this along with the documents as stated above. Click here for the agreement.
2. One time admission fee (only cash) of SAR 1,150 (inclusive of VAT) to be paid in cash to confirm the seat for your ward. This amount is NOT refundable.
3. The transport arrangement for students has been outsourced by the school to a third party. Hence, availability of transport is at the discretion of the transport company and the parent is expected to liaise with the company directly.
4. Social distancing norms will be strictly followed on campus, at the time of admission.Parents are expected to cooperate and wait outside the campus till they are specifically called inside.
5. There will be no water dispensers available on campus. Please make your own arrangement.
6. Only one parent / guardian will be allowed in the campus for the admission process. Children are strictly NOT allowed.
7. Entry without masks is prohibited
8. There will be no seating arrangement for parents / guardians.
9. The child will not be admitted incase of incomplete documentation

Fee Structure

Tuition fee is due within a week of the beginning of each term, whereafter it will be considered as a late fee.
- Family discount is applicable to ONLY tuition, and does not include admission, french, lab or extra subject fee,
- Fees for french, lab and extra subjects and admission fee (if applicable) are payable at the beginning of the year.

Discount for Term 1 of 2020-2021:
Keeping in view the financial setbacks faced by our parent body due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, the school will offer a temporary discount structure on tuition fees, for Term 1 only of 2020-2021, as follows:
- *10% discount on first child
- *20% discount on second and subsequent children.

To be eligible for this discount, parents must ensure that
1. All previous dues, if any, towards the school have been cleared
2. The full payable tuition fee amount after applying the discount must be paid within the month of September 2020.

Grade 1 - 3 (New Admission)

Stationery Requirement

Please find the stationery requirement list linked below.

Grade 1

Stationery Requirement - Grade 1

Grade 2

Stationery Requirement - Grade 2

Grade 3

Stationery Requirement - Grade 3