The vision of Al Waha International School is to foster a holistic development of its students in a progressive environment so that they desire and enjoy the pursuit of knowledge and a life consistent with Islamic teachings.

Mission Statement

The school aspires to provide a unique combination of a comprehensive quality education and Islamic teachings to a varied expatriate student body, irrespective of their nationality and religion.

This will be achieved in a secure, caring and disciplined environment by means of a challenging curriculum that is delivered by a dedicated and qualified teaching body. This faculty will also endeavour to help each student to realize his or her full intellectual, social, moral and physical potential while developing critical thinking skills.

Our Beliefs:

All decisions must be based on what is in the larger interest of students.
Islamic teachings are a sound guide to aid the development of an ethical character.
A safe, positive climate is necessary for social, moral, and academic growth.
Students, educators, support staff, and the community must be partners in the educational process.
Care and compassion must be a part of the educator’s character in order to respond to a child’s needs.
A nurturing home environment plays a critical role in the student’s development. Effective support must be extended to parents in order to assist the process.
Close communication with parents plays a vital role in optimising student learning.
Excellence in education can be achieved for all students through planning instructional strategies and resources and by tapping higher order thinking to accomplish results.
Professional development of the staff is critical to our effectiveness.
The worth, talents and dignity of each student and employee must be respected.