The school draws its philosophy from its motto 'O Lord, Increase My Knowledge', a quote from the Holy Quran.

The Al Waha International School is dedicated to serving a diverse student body and promoting the realization of each student's full intellectual potential in line with its mission.

From the Holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H.) we take the values we are committed to imparting: respect for each person's dignity, truthfulness, the habit of prayer and the quest for knowledge.

We strive to teach values and morals that will help students grow into caring and compassionate adults and become responsible members of society.

Our aim is to be teachers of integrity, helping students to discern moral truths and guiding them through careful moral reasoning in making decisions.

We strive to instill in ourselves, and in the children entrusted in our care, a commitment towards justice, courage, love for our fellow beings, humility and service to others.

Al Waha International School is aware of its social responsibilities. To serve a broader spectrum of the expatriate community, the school keeps fees at affordable levels, yet continues to aspire to high standards.