It is said that great things have small beginnings.
In a modest villa, on the 4th of July 1992, we established a small nursery school by the name of Jeddah Montessori. I never ever dreamed that one day it would become an accredited international school of repute. Today Al Waha International School stands tall as a symbol of humility and dedicated service to the community. All success that has been achieved has only been due to Allah's endless blessings.
It is impossible to list all of His blessings, but I feel obliged to specially mention one, which I consider has served as the backbone of success and accomplishment of the school.
I am truly blessed to have as part of my institution, sincere, committed, and hard working people who I believe firmly, are responsible for its overall success. No amount of appreciation and gratitude will suffice to justify the contribution the management, teachers, and the rest of the staff have made towards making Al Waha what it is today. I sincerely pray to Allah to bless them all with His choicest blessings.
I pray that knowledge imparted at the school becomes a source of enlightenment for generations to come.
I wish you well!

Zia Abdullah Nadwi
Al Waha International School


There comes a time in everybody’s life when one special moment changes one’s entire perspective and nothing is ever the same again. The turning point in my life as an educator began with an offer from the former Directress of the school, Mrs. Tahira Ghias, to join Al Waha as a member of the management team......and after that, there was no looking back on a learning journey, the most striking feature of which has been the single-minded determination with which the course towards accomplishing the school’s mission has been steered – and stayed.

I joined Al Waha at a time of revival and renewed expansion after the school had overcome its teething problems and several major setbacks that beset most international schools in the kingdom at that time. The essence of the challenges that we then faced primarily lay in evolving as a professional institution, while maintaining an Islamic environment, nurturing the sense of community on which the school was founded and delivering an education that was holistic, universally acceptable and internationally validated. With Grade 7 as the senior most class, the goal of becoming an established high school seemed a daunting task and the various other academic milestones to be achieved, loomed ahead endlessly.

Truly blessed with exemplary leadership and guidance from the Chairman of the school, full support from a committed and dedicated faculty, a vibrant student body and supportive parents, we graduated our first batch of IGCSE students on the completion of the school’s first decade and our first ‘A’ Level cohort of senior Grade 12 students four years later with a tradition of excellent results that has been consistently maintained and has served to validate the academic worth of the school’s educational program. The outstanding achievements of our students, on a regional as well as global basis, have also kept the Al Waha banner flying higher and higher! We are also extremely proud of the students who have represented the school in international conferences as global scholars having been selected for their academic proficiency, language skills and leadership qualities.

Accreditation from Cambridge International Examinations as an attached centre of the British Council, Jeddah, and from AdvancEd NCA, regular membership of the Council of International Schools, complete segregation with the Girls’ and the Boys’ Sections functioning as independent units, yet in complete tandem with respect to all aspects of the educational program across Grades 4 – 12, are some of the numerous milestones that have been achieved. We are also extremely proud of the systemic advancements and best practices that have been put in place in crucial areas of school functioning to ensure regularity and stability in the process of development.

With vastly different dynamics than before, today the school is justifiably reputed for the quality of education that it provides, for the professionalism that marks all aspects of its functioning, for the holistic grooming that it prepares its students with and above all, for the Islamic environment in which these developments have taken place.

Currently engrossed deeply in the final phase of a re-accreditation project, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Al Waha has come of age. Yet, while much has been accomplished, our continuous improvement efforts point to the great deal that still needs to be done.

Truly humbled by the success of the school, I pray to the Almighty that He may always bless Al Waha and lead it to grow from strength to strength as a citadel of knowledge and learning.

Rubab Azad
Senior School



There are schools and there are schools! So what is different about Al Waha?

My connection with Al Waha dates back to when I moved to Saudi Arabia from the Sultanate of Oman. My teaching venture was an experimental project, which I just took up tentatively. However, there was something about this school. There was a spirit that ran through it that spoke of honest intentions. The people associated with it, including the Chairman who inspired the whole idea, were in the least bit commercial in their approach. They were driven by a desire that ran deep, that believed in facilitating the growth of a complete human being through education. Teaching began to grow on me. My romance with Al Waha lasted exactly a year, when I migrated to Canada. Some things are just destined, and the profession of teaching was one such thing for me. I qualified further, specializing in the field of Montessori, an area that intrigued me intensely because it speaks of the innate path of psychological development that begins from the birth of a human being.

I returned, several years later to home ground. It couldn't have been to any place other than Al Waha! Today, the school continues to cultivate the same spirit that started me out on this journey of educating myself through the child, and I humbly pray that I continue to learn.

Primary education is an exceedingly important component of the teaching system as a whole, for it lays the groundwork for the future growth of responsible world citizens. The primary classes at Al Waha Junior Section comprise of KG1 to KG 3 and Grades 1 to 3. Even as the school grew exponentially over the years, it never lost sight of the idea of nurturing the human soul to send forth conscientious, ethical human beings; targeting carefully, the inherent learning potential found in the early years of student growth.

Pedagogical standards that describe quality practices have been at the core of program planning. The program itself has been customized to address the needs of the community that the school serves, even while maintaining international curricular requirements.

Al Waha prides itself on being an environment that parents find safe for their children; an environment where teachings of Quran and Islam are applied and practiced, and an environment where the academic program grooms students to meet the challenges of the wider world.

We expect learning to be pleasurable for each child. We expect homes to come together with the school to make it a happy, joyous experience.

I pray that each child grows with an unquenchable thirst for life and learning!

Farozan Warsi
Junior School