Every encouragement is given to students to develop responsibility in their behaviour within the school and in their interaction with the wider community. Regularity, punctuality, neatness and politeness, truthfulness, consideration, sensitivity and respect towards the feelings of others are expected to be manifest at all times.

The school’s expectations regarding disciplined and responsible behaviour are clearly reflected in the detailed guidelines provided in the Homework Diary and students are strictly expected to adhere to these rules and regulations.

In the Junior classes acts of goodness, kindness, honesty, compassion are rewarded through the Red Ribbon Reward and acknowledgement on the Recognition Board.

Parents, teachers and the children themselves are constantly updated, through clear and written communication, on the school’s policies regarding lapses or irregularities in their behaviour and conduct, in the classroom as well as around the school campus. In the Senior School, a comprehensive scheme of evaluating behaviour against expected standards has been developed that aims to correct misconduct through a judicious mix of counselling, sanctions and consequences.